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Consortium for Change (C4C)

C4C is a community network of independent coaches, consultants, and transformational change experts co-founded in 2018 by Ian Ziskin and Lacey Leone McLaughlin. At any point in time, we have 60-80 members who represent diverse experiences, geographies, industries, leadership lenses, and areas of functional expertise. We partner with clients on coaching engagements, leadership development programs, talent solutions consulting projects, business and culture transformations, innovation and strategy alignment efforts, and much more.


C4C is based on The Spirit of Abundance, a shorthand way of saying that our purpose is to share business opportunities, competitive intelligence, learning and ideas, and best practices that allow us to collaborate on behalf of clients, rather than compete among ourselves. We encourage, support, and raise the bar for one another. We believe we are stronger together than alone. As a result, our clients win, and so do we.

We operate in accordance with the following Guiding Principles:

  1. Abundance – We collaborate within, so everyone can win

  2. Surge Capacity – We deliver more capability for clients together than alone

  3. Business Referrals – We share opportunities and fees to provide clients trusted alternatives

  4. Inclusion – We represent depth and breadth of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, geographies, industries, and diversity in all dimensions

  5. Reciprocity – We network, share best practices, teach, learn, respect one another’s time, and get what we give

  6. Agility – We act and respond quickly and operate with a light, non-bureaucratic, entrepreneurial, and voluntary touch

If you are a potential client and would like to discuss ways you might partner with C4C, click HERE.


If you are a coach or consultant and would like to discuss whether joining C4C is right for you, click HERE




One of our proudest C4C collaboration achievements is our book, The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change. We are excited to share with you all we have learned.

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